The Mount Carmel School Alumni Association is an independent, not-for-profit, registered society. It was formed in the year 2010, after many years of hard work and several attempts by alumni from the early days of the school. The Society is managed and governed by an active board which meets atleast four times in the year.

The Alumni Society is responsible for hosting the Annual Alumni meet, an event eagerly awaited and attended by ex-Mount Carmelites from across the country, with some international attendees too. Held in the school campus, one gets a chance to interact with the staff and old classmates, and relive some of the memories that form the landscape of our lives. As a tradition, there is a cultural program and staff members are felicitated and honoured.

Apart from the Alumni meet, the Society also have a vibrant social and charitable programme. Several alumni are currently receiving scholarships and grants from the Society to persue higher studies in India and abroad. There is also a grant program which is aiding the education of many girl students, currently living below the poverty line. We ask all our former students to log in and register themselves with the Alumni association and once again become part of the vibrant Mount Carmel family.

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My dear children

In the last few months. I have been compiling the names of all the alumni of this school and I was surprised how many faces and memories popped up in my mind as I read your names! Lest I forget, I put down those memories on the data bank also. And now the databank is complete and needs to be updated by you.

Over the years many of you have been coming to school now and then, writing, sending messages and keeping in touch. Quite a number have brought in the second generation to study in there alma mater!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth” Holy Bible 3 John: 4

I know that many of you continue to meet and keep memories alive. Then what are we doing now? We, in the school would like to meet you also and so also, perhaps, others not living in Delhi. So this has become one of the last goals of my life, to set up an ongoing Alumni Forum, which will:-

  • Bring us all back together again for time to time.
  • Register all the Alumni with updated records.
  • Plan for Alumni get together program for the 20-year batches.
  • Send you regularly the calendar of school events/reports, newsletters, magazine and invitation for special day etc.
  • Set up the Alumni Forum to run independently with its own office, office manager and bank account. Its working can be regulated by a committee you would choose of not more then 10 plus two staff representing the two schools.
  • Set rolling an Annual General Meeting in which all those who can come, meet and choose/elect their office bearers and conduct other business of the forum.

‘ I had many thing to tell you, but I do not want to do it with pen and ink. I hope to see you soon, and then we will talk personally’ Holy Bible 3 John 13,14

With love and fond memories.


Dr. Michael V. Williams


Mr. R. V. N. Vishweshwar

Vice President

Himadri De


Mr. Durgesh Sharma


Mr. Ashish Sikka


Mr. Rohit Thomas Koshy


Mr. Karan Chettri