In August, 2002 the fledgling Dwarka branch of Mount Carmel School opened its doors and heart to the poorest of children from the slums near Dwarka. Teachers camped at the slum clusters of Goyla Dairy and Qutab Vihar for two months trying to convince parents to send their children to school. It took many weeks of persistent effort and incessant prayers before the children started coming regularly to school. Gradually their numbers increased. The foundation had been laid.

Values that lead us




Health Care

A team of three nurses and a doctor regularly monitor the well- being of the students, addressing health issues such as viral outbreaks, vitamin deficiency, intestinal worms etc.


Offering Hope

At Mount Carmel Informal Learning Centre we offer hope to these children through our belief that faith and education are the keys to unlock the potential inherent in every individual, born in this world.

See our ideas come to life

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Let’s get creative

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